Monday, May 7, 2007

My weekend with a vampire

This weekend I had the fun opportunity of taking a roadtrip with some of my friends. 7 of up hopped into our rental van Friday night and drove to Arizona. What were we doing there? We thought of many great reasons....we were actresses filming a movie...we were fashion designers showing off the fabulous clothes we'd designed....but the truth? We were going to PROM!

I'm guessing you are going to want a little back story. I'm sure you are saying "Why are 7 married woman going to Prom, and WHERE are their husbands???" My friend Kristen introduced us to a fabulous Vampire book series by the author Stephanie Meyer. The first book in the series is called Twilight. New moon comes next in the series and Eclipse will be out in days.
(hehe thought this was kind of fun!!)

For those of you who have not read this book, I highly recommend it. I read the book in one day because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! Poor Rob...he knows that when I find a good book that I really like that nothing will get done that day, and that he is in charge of dinner and putting the kids to bed!

Stephenie Meyer graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in English. You can read more about Stephenie Meyer and her books on her website . If you live close to me and wanted to borrow, I have both books.

Anyway....back to the prom...The Prom was held at Arizona State University. This was to be a Prom and a book signing. Stephenie said that there is no such thing as "too formal" at the Eclipse Prom. She wanted everyone to have fun with their outfit and bring a bit of creativity into it. Two of my friends are very talented and wore dresses that they had made. Karalenn made an amazing Vampire dress. She was a celebrity at the prom, as it is a vampire book. She won runner-up for most creative costume. Kristen made THREE dresses! She made herself a beautiful Jane Austen dress, Nanette a flapper dress and Hannah a hippie dress! I am amazed at their I can't even figure out how to put thread in a sewing machine!! As for the rest of us, Robin was also a modern vampire, I wore my mothers dress from when she got married and Betsey wore a beautiful lace dress that she had found. Personally, we were the best dressed, most stunning group at the prom!! Even though the food was gone before we got there, the lights were on, the music was quiet and no one was dancing... I still had a lot of fun! Plus, I was able to get both books signed by Stephenie!!What a crazy fun group of girls we are!
Don't worry, don't worry...those aren't some random guys I met at the prom and decided to get my picture taken with!! :) They are two characters that were portrayed from the book. The one on the left is Edward and the one on the right is Jacob! If you read the book you'll know all about them! :)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. We had tons of laughs and all enjoyed putting on fancy dresses and getting our hair done (thanks Kristen!). I'm sure Arizona will never forget the group of girls who came into Cheesecake factory in full costume. Every eye was turned to us!!

One part of the prom that we missed was Stephenie Meyer reading the first chapter of the book Eclipse, which will be out in August. We were bummed that we missed the reading so, we pulled over when we were halfway home and Kristen read us the first chapter. (The first chapter is in the back of the special edition of New Moon that was released on May 5th). What fun we had!!


Rob Au said...

I am so happy you had so much fun! Robbie had the weekend of his life while his mom (Melissa) was away... he ate popcorn, fruit snacks, pop-tarts, cookies, and an assortment of other junk food while watching "Justice League: Unlimited" (All the DC comic heros. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc) all day Saturday. He wore his batman costume and ran around the room while his two year-old sister ran around saying, "I wonder woman, I wonder woman." It's about time you got to go have fun. I'm still not sure about the "prom" picture with those two boys... are you sure there isn't something you need to tell me? ;)

Carly Lynne Peterson said...

Sounds like an awesome trip. I will have to read those books...go BYU alumni!! Girls need a weekend away sometimes and little kids need time to be crazy with their dads!! We miss you guys!!

alliatwood said...

that sounds awesome ... a much needed getaway. you deserve it!

Robbie said...

The offer still stands... ;)

Kristen said...

Well you've put it all so well I think I'll just link to your blog and save myself the trouble of writing about it myself! Man, that really WAS a fun time. :)

Penelope Crackers said...

I love how you put this all together! I linked this to my blog entry about the weekend too. I'm so glad we could do this!